Gingival bleeding

Gingival bleeding is one of the common symptoms in dentistry. In general, gum bleeding is common in early gingivitis of periodontitis. Gum bleeding does not only occur in dental diseases, it also occurs in other diseases of the body, may indicate other system diseases, such as leukemia, exposure to radioactive radiation, autoimmune diseases, etc. In recent years, periodontal disease and The relationship between diabetes is also increasingly recognized by the medical community. Details


Causes of bleeding gums When the plaque in the oral cavity is formed on the surface of the tooth, if it is not removed in time, it can gradually harden and form calculus. The calculus is located at the junction of the tooth and the gum. This hard calculus is for the tooth... Details>


Prevention of bleeding gums To prevent bleeding from gums, pay attention to the following points: (1) If it is due to poor oral hygiene, there is a lot of plaque, edema caused by stimulating bleeding (this is the most common), you can go to the dentistry... Details>

an examination

Examination of bleeding gums There are two cases of bleeding gums. One case is mild irritation such as brushing, eating, sucking, etc., which can stop spontaneously and have less bleeding. Another situation is that there is no... Details>


Gingival bleeding, confusing symptoms 1. The gum tissue is red, swollen, bleeding, and burning. If the mouth of the periodontal pocket is closed and the drainage of the pus is not smooth, the periodontal abscess will occur and the symptoms such as pain, bad breath and body heat will occur. ... Details>

Possible disease
  • name
  • Typical symptoms
  • Visiting department
  • Necrotic gingivitis
  •                             Lack of stomatitis, difficulty swallowing, weakness, bleeding gums
  • ENTStomatology
  • Chronic periodontitis
  •                             Tooth displacement, gum bleeding, periodontal pocket formation, tooth neuralgia...
  • ENTStomatology
  • Marginal gingivitis
  •                             Gingival bleeding gum pain gum swelling
  • ENTStomatology
  • Juvenile periodontitis
  •                             Molars, weakness, alveolar protrusion, teeth, cold and hot pain, tooth...
  • ENTStomatology
  • Hypertrophic gingivitis
  •                             Purulent secretion, large gap in the teeth, bleeding gums
  • ENTStomatology
  • Platelet weakness
  •                             Nose bleeding, intracranial hemorrhage, visceral hemorrhage, skin mucosal bleeding...
  • Internal medicineHematology

Visiting department:ENT

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  • Should eat food
  • Avoid eating food
  • milk

  • tomato

  • lettuce

  • quail eggs

Reasons to eat:1. It is advisable to eat light and non-irritating foods; 2. Eat foods that are easy to digest; 3. Eat high-vitamin foods.

Avoid eating reasons:1. Avoid eating hot and dry foods; 2. Avoid eating crude fiber meat.