Pruritus is a subjective sensation that can cause immediate aspirations. It is the most common common symptom of skin diseases. Due to the difference in various skin diseases and the third degree of individual, the severity and degree of itching can be light and heavy, and can be complicated, pulsating and persistent; it can also be localized, generalized or systemic. Those with itching light can be relieved after being scratched. Itching is serious, itching and unbearable scratching until the epidermis is broken and the bleeding occurs... Details


It is currently believed that itching and pain are transmitted through a common neural pathway, and the occurrence of itch is the same as pain, which is stimulated by the free god at the junction of the epidermal dermis. Connected to the brain through incoming and outgoing neural reflexes... Details>


With age, the skin's ability to retain water in the elderly is reduced, sebum secretion is gradually reduced, and the environment is dry, and itching is common in winter. Therefore, the elderly should not take a bath every day, in addition, the water temperature of the bath should be controlled at 30... Details>

an examination

1, itching is the main symptom of many skin diseases, there is no itching in the symptoms, it is helpful for the diagnosis of certain skin diseases, allergic skin disease, neuropsychiatric skin disease, itching is more severe, such as eczema, urticaria Drug eruption,... Details>


Winter scrapie is more common in adults over the age of 40, and the lower extremities are particularly severe. These people have weakened sebaceous glands and dry skin. In the winter, bathing takes a long time, using more soap and making the skin drier. With the gas... Details>

Possible disease
  • name
  • Typical symptoms
  • Visiting department
  • beriberi
  •                             Athlete's foot itching blister or bullous damage limbs prone to not...
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Foot
  •                             Scales, papules, itching, bacterial infection, limbs are prone to occur...
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Sweat tube tumor
  •                             Itchy pimples itching
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Kaposis sarcoma
  •                             White halo, rash, osteoporosis, submandibular gland enlargement, red or...
  • OncologySurgical Oncology
  • Piebald
  •                             Spotted vesicles on the back, groin itch, scales, mounds...
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Cosmetic dermatitis
  •                             Pustule pimples itching
  • Dermatologydermatology

Visiting department:Dermatology

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  • apple

  • tomato

  • carrot

  • pea

Reasons to eat:1. Eat high-protein foods; 2. Eat high-vitamin foods; 3. Eat high-calorie and easily digestible foods.

Avoid eating reasons:1. Avoid greasy and difficult to digest food; 2. Avoid frying, smoking, grilling food; 3. Avoid high-salt and high-fat foods.