Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge is a common symptom of breast disease and can be divided into physiological discharge and pathological discharge. Physiological discharge refers to the lactation during pregnancy and lactation, bilateral nipple discharge caused by oral contraceptives or sedatives, and a small amount of unilateral or bilateral discharge in postmenopausal women. Pathological discharge refers to natural discharge, intermittent or persistent, from one or more catheters on one or more sides that are not associated with pregnancy or lactation in non-physiological conditions... Details


the reason: Nipple discharge has two kinds of true and false discharges. True discharge refers to non-pregnant and non-lactating nipple discharge; false discharge refers to superficial nipple erosion or chyle leakage. The cause of true nipple discharge... Details>


1. Adequate nutrition, keep the muscles of the breasts strong, full of fat. 2. Pay attention to protect the breast from accidental injury. 3. According to the condition of your own breasts, wear a bra with a soft texture and a good fit to make the breast in... Details>

an examination

Laboratory inspection: 1. Discharge Cytology: Discharge Cytology is simple, convenient, and early detection of breast cancer. It is an easily accepted diagnostic method for patients. Some scholars have suggested that all nipple discharges should be performed routinely... Details>


Diagnosis 1. Etiological diagnosis: When diagnosing the cause of nipple discharge patients, in addition to a detailed understanding of the history and physical examination, it is necessary to carefully observe the types of discharge and single or multi-tube discharge, in addition should also be related to supplement. .. Details>

Possible diseases
  • name
  • Typical symptoms
  • Visiting department
  • Invasive breast cancer
  •                             Female breasts are superficial and hard like elephant skin subcutaneous nodules...
  • surgicalGeneral surgery
  • Menopause breast cancer
  •                             Menopausal breast inflammation nipple discharge breast outer quadrant ...
  • OncologySurgical Oncology
  • Mammary gland development
  •                             Breast hypertrophy Nipple discharge Visual disturbance Pain
  • Internal MedicineEndocrinology
  • Breast hyperplasia
  •                             Breast tenderness breast lumps nipple discharge stop menstruation breast...
  • surgicalGeneral surgery
  • Cystic hyperplasia of the breast
  •                             Breast pain Breast lumps Breast pain Nipple discharge Milk...
  • surgicalGeneral surgery
  • Eat food
  • Avoid eating food
  • Kiwi

  • apple

  • Jujube (dry)

  • spinach

Reasons to eat:1, the diet should be balanced, not partial eclipse, meat and vegetarian dishes, with the thickness, the more varieties of food as possible as possible; 2, a reasonable tonic can improve immunity; 3, eat more natural, wild food.

Avoid eating reason:1. Avoid eating soured, salted, mildewed, smoked, pigmented, flavored foods; 2. Eat less spicy foods; 3. Do not eat deep-fried, fried foods.