The papules are localized protrusions that are higher than the skin, as small as needles, as large as soybeans, may be tall or flat, smooth or scorpion-like structures, or have pigments that are the same color as the surrounding skin (ones larger than 1 cm in diameter, called plaques), many The lesions that begin with skin diseases arise from pimples and should be closely observed and diagnosed. A variety of skin diseases can manifest as papules. Some only have pimples alone, and some are accompanied by other skin lesions. The lesion that occurs in the papule is located in the epidermis or true... Details


The papules caused by the limited edema of the epidermis are found in eczema and contact dermatitis. Clinically, it is characteristic because various cells infiltrate the papules caused by the epidermis or dermis. Suppurative inflammatory papules are mainly neutrophil infiltration; chronic inflammation... Details>


First, do a good job in the environment, living room and personal hygiene to prevent the breeding of insects that cause this disease. 2. Insecticides can be sprayed indoors and outdoors to eliminate harmful arthropods such as bed bugs, fleas and mosquitoes. Details>

an examination

Many skin diseases can manifest as papules during the onset of the disease, but their papules have certain characteristics. Some pimples are the main symptoms of the disease; some pimples evolve into watery pus. Nodules or plaques; some papules can exist alone; some... Details>


First, infectious inflammatory papules (a) virus infected pimples 1. Measles: Measles virus infection, more common in children under 5 years old, rash on the 4th day after fever. The lesion is characterized by a rose rash. 2... Details>

Possible disease
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  • Typical symptoms
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  • Fake false folliculitis
  •                             Sag scars nodules papules
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Painful fatty sputum
  •                             Pimples pigmented skin lesions intractable pain heel pain
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Sebaceous gland
  •                             Nodule
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Fiber hair follicle
  •                             Pimple
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Synthetic resin dermatitis
  •                             Nausea pimples dizziness hair loss
  • Dermatologydermatology

Visiting department:Dermatology

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Commonly used drugs:Medicinal tablets

  • Should eat food
  • Avoid eating food
  • apple

  • Chinese cabbage (Qingkou)

  • lettuce

  • pea

Reasons to eat:1. Eat high-protein foods; 2. Eat high-vitamin foods; 3. Eat high-calorie and easily digestible foods.

Avoid eating reasons:1. Avoid greasy and difficult to digest food; 2. Avoid frying, smoking, grilling food; 3. Avoid high-salt and high-fat foods.