After infection of the skin and soft tissue, a swollen mass formed in the epidermis containing pus. The pus is a thick or thin exudate formed during the inflammation of the body tissue, which includes degeneration, necrotic leukocytes, bacteria, necrotic tissue debris, and exuded tissue fluid. Details


Skin and soft tissue infections: including folliculitis, hernia, hernia, lymphangitis, acute cellulitis, burn wound infection, incision infection after surgery, and acne infection. The mechanism of occurrence of pustules differs due to different causes. Some diseases... Details>


1, pay attention to skin hygiene. Children's underwear should be washed and changed frequently, especially in the summer. 2. If you have lice or pruritic skin disease, treat it promptly to avoid bacterial infection. 3, found that the disease ... Details>

an examination

1. Carefully ask relevant medical history and collect relevant clinical data. 2. Closely examine the patient and clearly understand the clinical symptoms of the patient. Pay more attention to the pustules. 3, appropriate for the patient related body ... Details>


Fibrous Wrap: Commonly referred to as "abdominal spasm," which was named in 1978 and is a relatively rare disease in abdominal surgery. It is characterized by the fact that all or part of the small intestine is surrounded by a dense, grayish-white, hard, thick fibrous membrane. Because of its cause... Details>

Possible diseases
  • name
  • Typical symptoms
  • Visiting department
  • Xiang Yi
  •                             Fatigue High fever Pain ulcer appearance is crater-like pus...
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Impetigo
  •                             Flush buns pustules pustules pimples pimples blisters or...
  • Chinese medicine departmentComprehensive Chinese medicine
  • Pediatric psoriasis
  •                             Spot bleeding scales pustules skin lesions can be horny ...
  • Dermatologydermatology
  • Acute abscess
  •                             Sacrococcygeal sinus formation Infectious fever Local burning pus...
  • surgicalGeneral surgery

Treatment department:surgical

 Related check: ECG
Blood routine

  • Eat food
  • Avoid eating food
  • Mushrooms (fresh mushrooms)

  • lemon

  • milk

  • carrot

Reasons to eat:1, should eat antibacterial and anti-inflammatory food; 2, should eat heat detoxification of food; 3, should eat foods that enhance the body's immune system.

Avoid eating reason:1. Avoid eating foods that are bursting; such as lamb, eel, and squid; 2. Avoid eating high-fat foods, such as fat and lard; 3. Avoid eating pickled foods; such as salted eggs, fermented bean curd, and pickles. .