Urinary urgency means that you can't control your urination or urinary urgency. If you want to urinate, you need to urinate. You can't suffocate slightly. After urinating, you have urine. You need to urinate urgently. If you don't urinate in time, you will get wet underwear. Mainly due to urinary tract, bladder, prostate caused by inflammation or foreign body stimulation, often accompanied by dysuria. This symptom is about to describe the lower limit of human tolerance when urinating, while the frequency of urinary frequency describes the number of times of urinary excretion per unit time. Urinary urgency in inflammation, stones, different... Details


Bladder urethra is most commonly stimulated by inflammatory stimuli, such as pyelonephritis, kidney stones combined with infection, kidney tuberculosis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, vaginitis. It is most pronounced in acute inflammation and active urinary tuberculosis. again... Details>


1. Control diet structure to avoid excessive intake of acidic substances. Acid-base balance of acidic body diet is very important for the prevention of urinary frequency. Diet should eat more foods rich in plant organic active base, eat less meat and eat more vegetables. .. Details>

an examination

1. Carefully ask about the medical history. 2. Prioritize the urinary system. 3. Perform routine urine tests. 4. If necessary, perform a urine culture test. Common examination items include digital rectal examination, prostatic fluid examination... Details>


Differential diagnosis 1. Cystitis is the most common clinical cause of bladder irritation. According to the results of 188697 people surveyed in the north-southwest, southwest, southwest and east China, north China, northwestern northwestern China, the prevalence rate of 0.91% is urinary system disease... Details>

Possible disease
  • name
  • Typical symptoms
  • Visiting department
  • prostatitis
  •                             White urine, high fever, chills, perineal traction pain, acute...
  • surgicalUrology
  • Bladder ureteral reflux
  •                             Nausea, secondary infection, secondary hypertension, chronic...
  • surgicalUrology
  • Seminal vesicle
  •                             Weakness, abdominal discomfort, seminal vesicle enlargement, large amount of semen, sperm...
  • Andrology
  • Ironworm disease
  •                             Diarrhea, urgency, frequent urination, dysuria, bladder irritation, heat pain...
  • Internal medicineGastroenterology
  • Pediatric urinary tract infection
  •                             Septicemia, nausea, repeated infection, high fever, jaundice, convulsions...
  • PediatricsPediatric medicine
  • Post-dysentery syndrome
  •                             Nausea irritability diarrhea hyperthermia keratitis crusting ...
  • Internal medicineGastroenterology

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Urinary methionine (Met)
Urine sediment cytology
Urine sediment epithelial cells

  • Should eat food
  • Avoid eating food
  • cantaloupe

  • pear

  • apple

  • watermelon

Reasons to eat:1. It is advisable to eat foods with diuretic effects; 2. Eat foods rich in water; 3. Eat foods that are cold and cool.

Avoid eating reasons:1. Avoid eating spicy and irritating foods; 2. Avoid eating foods; 3. Avoid eating foods that are not easy to digest.