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Shanghai Children 's Hospital Three first class Children's hospital

Shanghai Children's Hospital (Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Affiliated Children's Hospital) is a set of medical, health care, teaching, research, rehabilitation in one of the three first-class children's hospital, the predecessor of the famous pediatrician Fu Wen Shou and modern children's nutrition Founder Su Zufei and other predecessors founded in 1937 the Shanghai Children's Hospital, in 1953 changed its name to the Shanghai Children's Hospital, in 2003 to become ...More >>

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No.44, Lane 1400, Beijing West Road, Shanghai

How to go:

By 15 Road, 21 Road, 40 Road, 24 Road, 76 Road, 231 Road, 138 Road, ...Expand ↓

By 15 Road, 21 Road, 40 Road, 24 Road, 76 Road, 231 Road, 138 Road, 104 Road, 20 Road, 37 Road that is to.Put away ↑

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Do you drink at night? Go to the hospital to check urine routine, see the proportion of urine and urine sugar ...
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