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Orthopedic Hospital of Sichuan Province Three first class Orthopaedic Hospital

Sichuan Orthopedic Hospital (Chengdu Sports Hospital) is the predecessor of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education affiliated sports hospital, under the care of Marshal He Long was founded in 1958, is China's first sports hospital. 1984 by the State Science and Technology Commission approved the transformation of the National Sports Commission Chengdu Sports Trauma Research Institute, another Chengdu Sports Hospital, under the State Sports Commission. December 2003 conform to the central reform requirements, the hospital transfer ...More >>

Hospital Address:

Sichuan Province, Wuhou District, Chengdu, a section of the West section of 132

How to go:

By 5,11,27,19,77,302,58,59,301,42 flowers in the ...Expand ↓

Take the 5,11,27,19,77,302,58,59,301,42 Hokkaido Central Station or a ring west of the section that is to get off.Put away ↑

Hospital phone

028-87014160 锛 埚 挩 璇  

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