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Qingdao Fifth People's Hospital (Shandong Qingdao Hospital of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine) is the first integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospital in Shandong Province, three first-class hospitals, is also a municipal comprehensive medical institutions, Shandong University of Chinese Medicine teaching base. The hospital has Qingdao Institute of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The hospital was founded in 1906, is located in the bustling Shinan District, adjacent to Qingdao Railway Station, Qingdao Ferry Terminal, the Yellow Sea ...More >>

Hospital Address:

South Road, Qingdao City, Jiaxiang Road on the 3rd

How to go:

Take the 321,304,312,301 ferry station to get off; or take 2, 2 ...Expand ↓

Take the 321,304,312,301 ferry station to get off; or take 2, 220,202,320 Road, get off at 305 West Town Station; or get off at No. 223 Yunnan Road; or take No. 8, No. 21, 217 Dongping Road Station get off; or 5, 305,303,218 train station to get off to the Fifth People's Hospital can be.Put away ↑

Hospital Tel:

0532-82612230 锛 堥 櫌 锷 烇 level

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