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Founded in 1918, Peking University People's Hospital (Peking People's Hospital) is the first comprehensive western hospital funded and managed by the Chinese themselves. Originally named "Beijing Central Hospital," Dr. Wu Liande, the pioneer of modern Chinese medicine, was appointed as the first hospital long. People's Hospital of Peking University 94 years of development history, is China's medical progress witness. Hospital successfully carried out in Asia ...More >>

Hospital Address:

New Homes: Xicheng District, Xizhimen South Main Street on the 11th; Senate: Xicheng District ...Expand ↓

New Homes: Xicheng District, Beijing Xizhimen South Main Street on the 11th; Senate: Fucheng Street, Xicheng District, No. 133Put away ↑

How to go:

New hospital driving directions (field patients): Train Station Route: From Beijing Railway Station ...Expand ↓

New hospital driving route (foreign patients): Train Station routes: From Beijing Railway Station, take the Metro Line 2 get off at Xizhimen, walk to the new hospital; from Beijing West Railway Station, take the 21 Road, 387 Road, 694 Road in Xizhimen (Local patients): take the city bus 44 Road, 800 Road, 618 Road, 650 Road, 392 Road in Xizhimen South Station, walk to the new hospital; the old hospital driving directions Foreign patients): Railway Station Route: From Beijing Railway Station, take Subway Line 2 and get off at Fucheng Gate and walk to the old hospital. From Beijing West Railway Station, take Route 387 north of FuchengmenPut away ↑

Hospital Tel:

010-88326666 锛 堟 柊 闄 Ii

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