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Jilin Provincial Cancer Hospital Third-class A cancer Hospital

Jilin Provincial Cancer Hospital (Changchun Cancer Hospital) is the only large-scale modern tertiary A-level oncology hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention. Over the years, the hospital has always adhered to the policy of “scientific and technological development, scientific breakthrough, reasonable price, good quality, patient-centered, full-service quality service”, taking the patient's needs as the starting point for all work, taking the disease...More>>

Hospital address:

No. 1018, Huguang Road, Chaoyang District, Changchun City

How to go:

Take bus 262 at Changchun Station and take the 213 road at People's Square...Expand ↓

Take bus 262 at Changchun Station and take the 213 road at People's Square. 234, 153, 267, and light rail can all be reached.Collapse ↑

Hospital phone:

0431-85872601 (switchboard), 0431-85872600

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