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Jincheng People's Hospital (Jincheng People's Hospital), established in 1986, is the only city-level comprehensive hospital in the city and is responsible for the city's medical, teaching, scientific research and other tasks. The emergency center and the College of Chinese and Western Medicine are located in the hospital. The building area of ​​the hospital is 36,000 square meters, the establishment of 500 beds, 300 beds are now open, 33 senior technicians, 120 intermediate technicians...More>>

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Jincheng Nanhuan Street East Section 86

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0356-2065213锛埚尰锷$锛夛纴0356-2065202锛埚...Expand ↓

0356-2065213锛埚尰锷$锛夛纴0356-2065202锛埚Collapse ↑

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