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Harbin Medical University Affiliated Tumor Hospital Third Class A cancer Hospital

The Harbin Medical University Affiliated Cancer Hospital (Harbin Medical University Third Hospital), also known as the Third Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University (Heilongjiang Cancer Hospital), was established in 1972. It is the only three-level cancer prevention, medical treatment, teaching, and scientific research in our province. A hospital. The hospital is located on the south side of the Heilongjiang Forest Botanical Garden with a beautiful environment and fresh air, covering an area of ​​234,500 square meters,...More>>

Hospital address:

No. 150, Haping Road, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

How to go:

In the city, take buses: 203, 208, 28, 338, 69, 81, etc.Expand ↓

In the city, buses: 203, 208, 28, 338, 69, 81 are available.Collapse ↑

Hospital phone:


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