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Hunan Provincial Hospital attached to a Chinese medicine Three levels Chinese medicine hospital

Hunan First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), founded in 1963, is one of the seven key hospitals under construction in the country during the "Seventh Five-year Plan" period. It is also the first three-level Chinese medicine hospital in Hunan Province, Hunan Province, Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, teaching, research centers and leading, is a prominent Chinese medicine, comprehensive functions, the famous old Chinese medicine blend of clinical significant ...More >>

Hospital Address:

Shaoshan Road, Changsha, Hunan No. 95

How to go:

City by 2, brigade 2,7,15,19,102,103,120,124,1 ...Expand ↓

The city by 2, brigade 2,7,15,19,102,103,120,124,137,145,146,159,602,705,912,915 Road until the hospital entrance to get off, 6,8,11, 101,104,116,143,160,202,314,402,601,701,702,703,905,906 Dongtang get off the road to go south 200 meters.Put away ↑

Hospital Tel:

0731-85600120 锛 堟

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