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The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University Third-class A cancer Hospital

The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University (four hospitals of Hebei Province) and the Hebei Provincial Cancer Hospital are large-scale comprehensive “three-level hospitals” that integrate medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care. The Hebei Cancer Institute, the Hebei Provincial Cancer Prevention Office, the Hebei Anti-Cancer Association, and the Hebei Sino-Japanese Friendship Cancer Center are located in the hospital. ...More>>

Hospital address:

No. 12, Health Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

How to go:

Take the No. 31 road to the Provincial Fourth Hospital and get off at the monument. Take the 21st, the 21st road to...Expand ↓

Take the No. 31 road to the provincial four courtyards, get off at the monument, take the 21st, and get off at the Provincial Fourth Courtyard. Take Shijiazhuang North Station and take the 5th road to get off at the Provincial Fourth Courtyard. Zhengding Airport takes the airport passenger line, to the cotton six transfer 31,112,2, fast 2,18,41 road to the provincial four hospitals to get off. From the east: Take the 21st at Baifo Bus Terminal and get off at the Provincial Fourth Hospital. From the west: Xiwang by 1, fast 1 road, transfer to Beiguo Mall 2, fast 2, 18, 51, 83, 112 to the provincial four hospitals, Xiwangcheng 1 Road, to Beiguo Mall, or railway Building, or South Sanjo (City Construction Bank), or West King by 9 Road, to the fireCollapse ↑

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