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Founded in 1956, Beijing Fuwai Hospital is located at No. 167 North Lishi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing. It is a Grade III-A cardiovascular hospital specialized in medical, teaching, scientific research and prevention. It is also a national cardiovascular disease Center, State Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Diseases, the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease Clinical Medical Research Center. Beijing Fu Wai Hospital total land area of ​​41000 ...More >>

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North Lishi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

How to go:

Train Station Route: From Beijing Railway Station, take Metro Line 2 or take bus 1 ...Expand ↓

Train Station Route: From Beijing Railway Station, take Subway Line 2 or Bus 103 and get off at Fuchengmen Station. Walk to the hospital. From Beijing West Railway Station, take Bus 65 and get off at Exhibition Road. Walk to the hospital. Driving Directions (Local patients): Take the bus 13,19,21,42,44,37,56,61,101,102,103, Express 106,121,335,336,387,409,423,456,490,603, 604,618,650,685,691,714,743,746,800,814,82Put away ↑

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