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Shanghai First People 's Hospital Three first class general Hospital

Shanghai First People's Hospital (Shanghai a hospital) was built in March 1, 1864, when called ShanghaiGeneralHospital, for the country was the largest Western medicine hospital, is also the first hospital built one of the first comprehensive hospital. 1877 changed its name to the public medical hospital, in 1953 changed its name to the Shanghai Municipal First People's Hospital, in 1981 to become the Shanghai Red Cross Hospital, in 2002 crown ...More >>

Hospital Address:

North Address: Shanghai Hongkou District Haining Road 100; Southern Address: on the ...Expand ↓

North Address: Shanghai Hongkou District Haining Road 100; South Address: Shanghai New Songjiang Road 650Put away ↑

How to go:

North of the bus line: 13,63,921,17,910,6,61,55, ...Expand ↓

North bus line: 13,63,921,17,910,6,61,55,14,147,123,100,576,21,22,145, rail transit line 4; south line: Xinsong Line, Songkun line, Songjiang 9 Road, Songjiang 11 Road, Metro Line 9.Put away ↑

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