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Dalian Children's Hospital (Dalian Children's Hospital) was founded on June 1, 1952. After 54 years of hard work and selfless dedication by several generations of pediatricians, they have gone from immature step by step to maturity. Now the hospital has become a comprehensive discipline with a large number of professionals and advanced medical equipment, advanced technology and comprehensive Children's Hospital, responsible for Dalian City and southern Liaoning Province under the age of 18 1.7 million children ...More >>

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Zhongshan Road, Xigang District, Dalian City, No. 154

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City by 15,406,409,702,701,707,11,24,506 ...Expand ↓

The city by 15,406,409,702,701,707,11,24,506,534,531,710,60 bus.Put away ↑

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