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The Changsha Central Hospital (Changsha Central Hospital) is a Grade A first-class general hospital integrating the medical treatment, first aid, health care, scientific research and teaching in order to optimize the allocation of health resources and to meet the urban development needs. Former Changsha Second Hospital, Fifth Hospital, first aid station, Institute of Geriatrics merged formed. Changsha Central Hospital is located in Changsha City ...More >>

Hospital Address:

Our hospital: 161 Shaoshan Road, Changsha City; North Hospital: Changsha City Xiangchun Road long ...Expand ↓

Our hospital: Changsha Shaoshan Road 161; North Hospital: Changchun Xiangxiang Road, Changsha City Lane on the 1stPut away ↑

How to go:

Bus 7,102,103,107,116,123,124,137,602, ...Expand ↓

Bus 7,102,103,107,116,123,124,137,602,603,145,152,17,502,702,703,801,802,805, travel 2 can be (Court); bus 2,11,106,111,128,142,143, travel 2 can be (North House)Put away ↑

Hospital Tel:

0731-85668156 (Institute Office)

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Telephone consultation:13Experts can call the Advisory, has successfully consulted4Person times
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