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Chengdu Second People's Hospital Third-class A general Hospital

Chengdu Second People's Hospital (Chengdu Institute of Dermatology and STD Prevention and Control) was founded in 1892 by the Christian Church of Canada. It was formerly known as Sishengyi Hospital, Gospel Hospital and Renji Hospital. It is the earliest in the history of western Sichuan. A Western medicine hospital and the Red Cross Hospital. In 1914, the hospital became the clinical teaching practice hospital of the Medical College of West China Union University. In history, many of our country...More>>

Hospital address:

10 Qingyun South Street, Chengdu

How to go:

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Take .152.154.341 to Hongxing Road 2, Wucheng Street, Qingyun South Street.Collapse ↑

Hospital phone:

028-65108888 (switchboard)

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