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Anzhen Hospital (Anzhen Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University) was established in April 1984. The Beijing Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonary Diseases was established in September 1981. Both are medical and scientific research consortia that integrate medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and prevention. The five-in-one international exchange is focused on the treatment of cardiopulmonary and vascular diseases. Beijing Anzhen Hospital is the Capital Medical University...More>>

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No. 2, Anzhen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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Take the express bus line 3, 387, 407, 18, 124, 38...Expand ↓

Take the express bus line 3, 387, 407, 18, 124, 387, 426 to Anzhen Hospital.Collapse ↑

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No recurrence after general surgery. What are the symptoms? General chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc.
Hello there! Based on this medical report alone, it cannot be determined. If convenient, you can use the tablet...
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