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The No.306 Hospital (No.306 Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army) is a modern comprehensive three-tier A hospital with intensive technical personnel, complete clinical disciplines, advanced equipment and equipment, and a high overall medical standard. Each department has a beautiful hospital environment and clean and comfortable wards. It is the first batch of “Basic Medical Insurance Designated Hospitals” in Beijing, and the national space launch medical...More>>

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No. 9, Anxiang Beili, Chaoyang District, Beijing

How to go:

315,345,305,909,695,618,625,670,407,7...Expand ↓

315, 345, 305, 909, 695, 618, 625, 670, 407, 751, 851 Road Jianxiang North (Zizi Hang) stop.Collapse ↑

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Hello according to your symptoms recommended to the regular hospital Chinese medicine massage examination treatment of cervical spine ...
Hello should be soft tissue damage, it is recommended to the regular hospital Chinese medicine massage examination...
Hello you should be rheumatism, recommended test rheumatoid factor, anti 0, ESR, C reaction...
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