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Beijing 301 Hospital (301 Hospital) was founded in 1953, is a medical, health care, teaching, scientific research in one large modern comprehensive hospital. The hospital is responsible for the medical and health care tasks of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and the head of the headquarters and some officers and men of the Beijing military forces. It undertakes the difficulties of transferring military and military units, the treatment of critically ill patients and the treatment of patients from all over the country. Hospital at the same time ...More >>

Hospital Address:

No.28 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing

How to go:

Driving directions (foreign patients): train station route: starting from the Beijing Railway Station ...Expand ↓

Driving Directions (Foreign Patient): From the Beijing Railway Station, take Subway Line 2 at Fuxingmen for Metro Line 1, get off at Wukesong and walk to the hospital. From the Beijing West Railway Station, take the 373 (Local patient): take the bus 370 Road, 436 Road, 728 Road, get off at Wukesong Bridge East, walk to the hospital.Put away ↑

Hospital phone

010-68182255 / 66887329 (pick painted Man), 010-66939344 (Xuan ...Expand ↓

010-68182255 / 66887329 (Octopus), 010-66939344 (璇  煶 ㄨ ㄨ 瘖 镆 ヨ)Put away ↑

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