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Yang Xiaobo Chief Physician, Professor

Mudanjiang Hongqi Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number28

Good: cataract, fundus, ocular hypertension, strabismus ...

Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Xu Haijia Chief Physician, Professor

Chengdu's first people ophthalmology

Reservation success number62

Good at: Common diseases of ophthalmology, frequently-occurring disease and cataract extraction ...

Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Cai Chunmei Chief Physician, Professor

Chinese People's Liberation Army ophthalmology

Reservation success number53

Good at: Eye diseases, vitreoretinal diseases, such as ...

Tuesday, Tuesday, next Friday

Wang Bingliang Chief physician

Anyang District Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number30

Good: corneal disease, ocular surface disease, cataract, glaucoma ...

On Tuesday, on Thursday

Fei An Yu Chief Physician, Professor

Taizhou Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number65

Good at: lacrimal surgery, anti-glaucoma surgery, cataracts ...

On Wednesday, Thursday last Friday

Li Jinying Chief physician

Shenzhen Peking University Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number115

Good at: all types of cataract phacoemulsification surgery and green ...

Monday, Monday, next Wednesday

Yang Weiguo Deputy Chief Physician

Cangzhou Integrative Medicine ophthalmology

Reservation success number28

Good at: cataract phacoemulsification, vitreoretinal hand ...

Thursday, Thursday

Gao Pengfen Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Nanjing Military Region Fuzhou total ophthalmology

Reservation success number50

Good at: cataract breast, vitreoretinal diseases, ...

Tue, friday

Li Peng Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

People's Liberation Army 451 Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number5

Good at: Diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic difficult diseases.

On Tuesday

He Huiqin Chief Physician, Professor

Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine ophthalmology

Reservation success number30

Good at: Excimer laser refractive surgery, cataract surgery ...

On Tuesday, Thursday last Saturday

Cui Hongping Chief Physician, Professor

Shanghai Oriental Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number47

Good: cataract phacoemulsification artificial lens implantation, green ...

On Tuesday, on Thursday

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Week shock Chief physician associate professor

Shanghai ninth people's medicine ophthalmology

Reservation success number177

Good at: myopia prevention (excimer laser, highly ...

Monday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Hu Lei Chief Physician, Professor

Taishan Medical College subsidiary ophthalmology

Reservation success number31

Good: cataracts, retinal detachment, glaucoma, oblique ...

Monday, Wednesday, next Wednesday

Zhu Dongmei Chief physician

Zhengzhou People's Hospital Zhuo beautiful ophthalmology

Reservation success number41

Good at: laser excimer refractive keratotomy and ...

Monday, Monday

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Li Pinghua Chief Physician, Professor

Heavy medical attached to a hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number104

Good: cataracts, glaucoma, refractive error, extraocular ...

Monday, Thursday

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Feng Jie Deputy Chief Physician

Jining City, the first people ophthalmology

Reservation success number46

Good at: Phacoemulsification cataract surgery and small incision non-super ...

Monday, Wednesday, next Wednesday

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Song Zhengyu Chief Physician, Professor

Shanghai Shuguang Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number349

Good at: Vitreous diseases, retinal diseases, retina ...

Monday, Wednesday

In the Yangtze River Deputy chief physician professor

Xuzhou Central Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number20

Good at: ocular surface disease, cataracts, myopia, glaucoma ...

Friday, Friday

Cao Yang Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Wuhan Union Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number118

Good at: glaucoma, cataract research and diagnosis and treatment.

On Monday, on Thursday

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Zhang Jian Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital ophthalmology

Reservation success number38

Good at: vitreoretinal diseases, cataracts.

Wednesday, Friday, Friday, next

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