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Liu Ruen Chief Physician, Professor

Peking University People's Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments220

Good at: Good at clinical application of microsurgical neurosurgery...

On Tuesday, Thursday

Zhao Quanjun Chief Physician, Professor

306 hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments65

Good at: good at epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm...

On Monday, Thursday

Yin Wei Chief physician associate professor

Shenzhen Peking University Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments110

Good at: treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, such as brain aneurysms, brain...

On Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Zhao Zhenwei Chief Physician, Professor

Tangdu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments81

Good at: interventional therapy for hemorrhage and ischemic stroke,...

On Thursday

Wu Hao Deputy Chief Physician

Xuanwu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments274

Good at: cervical spondylosis lumbar disc herniation intraspinal tumor spinal cord...

Monday and Monday

Wang Lin Deputy chief physician professor

Zhejiang Second Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments148

Good at: cerebrovascular disease, skull base tumor, brain tumor.

On Wednesday, Thursday

Liang Jiantao Deputy Chief Physician

Xuanwu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments116

Good at: trigeminal neuralgia / acoustic neuroma after surgery facial / face...

Under Thursday

Wang Yu Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Shanghai Jiaotong University neurosurgery

Number of appointments37

Good at: total endoscopic transnasal pituitary tumor resection and operation...

Tuesday, next Thursday

Yin Long Chief physician

Tianjin Huanhu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments88

Good at: interventional treatment of cerebrovascular disease. Brain aneurysm,...

On Wednesday

Xue Kai Deputy Chief Physician

Tianjin Huanhu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments32

Good at: Common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in neurosurgery are compared...

Under Thursday

Chen Zan Chief physician associate professor

Xuanwu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments160

Good at: microsurgical treatment of cervical spondylosis, lumbar intervertebral ...

On Wednesday

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Sun Xiaohui Chief Physician, Professor

Second people of Guangdong Province neurosurgery

Number of appointments26

Good at: cerebrovascular disease, intracranial aneurysm, cerebrovascular...

Under Tuesday

Hu Xiaowu Chief Physician, Professor

Shanghai Changhai Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments92

Good at: nerves of Parkinson's disease, brain tumors and brain trauma...

On Thursday, Thursday

Han Hongyan Chief Physician, Professor

Aviation general hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments37

Good at: moyamoya disease, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, intracranial tumors...

On Thursday

Chen Zhi Chief physician associate professor

Southwest Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments122

Good at: cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral artery...

On Wednesday

Zibozhi Chief physician

Tianjin Huanhu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointmentstwenty two

Good at: diagnosis and treatment of meningiomas and skull base tumors

Under Tuesday

Zhao Tianzhi Deputy Chief Physician

Tangdu Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments2

Good at: meningioma, acoustic neuroma, glioma, pituitary...

On Thursday, Saturday, Saturday

Yan Huaiyu Deputy Chief Physician

Beijing 301 Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments181

Good at: diagnosis and treatment of various spinal, spinal cord lesions, neck...

On Tuesday

Yu Wenhua Chief Physician, Professor

First people of Hangzhou neurosurgery

Number of appointments80

Good at: trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm micro-invasive diagnosis...

Monday and Friday

Wang Yongqiang Attending physician

Suzhou Children's Hospital neurosurgery

Number of appointments18

Good at: congenital dysplasia of the nervous system, outside the brain...

Under Tuesday

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