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Yang Ming Shan Deputy Chief Physician

Shandong Provincial Tumor Hospital Urology

Reservation success numbertwenty four

Good at: Urology tumors

Tuesday, Tuesday

Wu Xiaojun Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Southwest Hospital Urology

Reservation success number140

Good at: male science, prostate related diseases, urinary tract ...

On Monday

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Xu Dongliang Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Shanghai First People's Hospital Urology

Reservation success number79

Good at: diagnosis and treatment of various urological diseases, especially ...

Tuesday, Tuesday

Zhang Shudong Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

North Third Hospital Urology

Reservation success number151

Good at: good at laparoscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, resectoscope and ...

Monday, Monday, next Thursday

Rong built red Chief Physician, Professor

Hubei Province, the third people Urology

Reservation success numbertwenty three

Good at: urological diseases, there are special needs, can add ...

Wednesday, Friday

Lu Jianwei Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Shanghai Renji Hospital Urology

Reservation success number537

Good at: voiding dysfunction, urinary incontinence, urinary urgency ...

Tue, Wednesday next Thursday

Xiao Hengjun Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Zhongshan University attached to the first Urology

Reservation success number306

Good at: Prostate disease, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, ...

Tuesday, Tuesday

Ye Yile Attending physician

Quanzhou First Hospital Urology

Reservation success number40

Good at: Urology, male disease diagnosis and treatment of various diseases: ...

Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Shu Kai Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Anhui Provincial Hospital Urology

Reservation success number58

Good at: kidney transplantation, testicular transplantation, and complex bladder ...

Wednesday, Wednesday

Luo Li Chief Physician, Professor

Guangdong College of Pharmacy Urology

Reservation success numbertwenty two

Good: a variety of urological diseases diagnosis and treatment.

On Tuesday

Wu Italy light Attending physician professor

Navy General Hospital Urology

Reservation success number50

Good: laparoscopic radical nephrectomy, adrenal ...


Gong Tongxin Chief Physician, Professor

Luohe Central Hospital Urology

Reservation success number25

Good at: traumatic emergency, male dysfunction, infertility ...

Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Yao Kai Attending physician lecturer

Sun Yat-sen attached swollen Urology

Reservation success number83

Good at: genitourinary tumors

Friday, Friday

Wang Xiaorong Chief Physician, Professor

Nanchang University fourth attached Urology

Reservation success number18

Good at: bladder cancer, urinary stones, lower urinary tract ...

Next Thursday

Shen soldiers Deputy Chief Physician

Shanghai First People's Hospital Urology

Reservation success number41

Good at: urinary tract tumors, stones, kidney transplantation. Secret ...

On Tuesday

Shen Yuehong Deputy Chief Physician

Zhejiang Hospital Urology,

Reservation success number227

Good at: good at urinary stones, tumors and obstruction ...

On Friday

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Shaoji Chun Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

416 hospital in Chengdu Urology

Reservation success number45

Good at: urinary stones, urological tumors, prostate ...

Monday, Monday

Zhu Shaoxing Chief Physician, Professor

Zhejiang Cancer Hospital Urinary tumors outside

Reservation success number67

Good at: cystitis kidney cancer prostatic hyperplasia kidney stones forefront ...

On Tuesday, next Thursday

Huang Xiaojun Chief physician associate professor

Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Urology

Reservation success number110

Good: prostate disease, male infertility, erection of the penis ...

On Friday

Ma Hongshun Chief Physician, Professor

Tianjin first center Urology

Reservation success number59

Good at: bladder cancer, prostate cancer, prostatitis, urine ...

Tuesday, Wednesday

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