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Zhang Xinglian Deputy Chief Physician

Shanxi Children's Hospital dermatology

Number of appointments100

Good at: children with skin diseases, eczema, alopecia areata, psoriasis...

On Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

Jiang Haiyan Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Harbin Children's Hospital dermatology

Number of appointments56

Good at: children with allergic diseases, infectious diseases, mounds...

On Monday, Monday, next Tuesday, Tuesday

Ji Aihua Chief physician

Jinan Children's Hospital dermatology

Number of appointments47

Good at: diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in pediatric dermatology. child...

Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

Yang Yingqi Deputy Chief Physician

Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital dermatology

Number of appointments46

Good at: various skin diseases in infants and young children; children or adults white...

On Tuesday, Tuesday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

Zhou Lianbao Deputy Chief Physician

Pediatrician of Fudan University dermatology

Number of appointments0

Good at: all kinds of pediatric skin diseases (pediatric eczema, blood vessels...

On Monday

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

Li Jianshe Attending physician

Kaifeng Children's Hospital dermatology

Number of appointments16

Good at: diagnosis and treatment of pediatric skin diseases; pediatric wet...

On Wednesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

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