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Li Qubei Deputy Chief Physician

Chongqing Medical University Respiratory

Appointment success724

Good at: Pediatric respiratory diseases

Tuesday and Tuesday

Zhang Hao Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Shanghai Children's Medicine Pediatric Respiratory Medicine

Appointment success41

Good at: a variety of long-term repeated chronic cough, asthma and ...

Wednesday and Thursday

Cao Ling Chief Physician Associate Professor

Capital Institute of Pediatrics Respiratory medicine

Appointment success36

Good at: Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases and asthma in children...

On Tuesday

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

Zhu Chunmei Deputy Chief Physician

Capital Institute of Pediatrics Respiratory medicine

Appointment success71

Good at: Children asthma; Chronic cough; Repeated respiratory tract...

Monday and Wednesday on Mondays

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

Liu Liping Deputy Chief Physician

Shanxi Children's Hospital Respiratory

Appointment success96

Good at: Children's asthma, recurrent respiratory infections, Zhiyuan...

Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Appointment registration Telephone consultation

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