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Business Guanning Chief Physician, Professor

Liaoning Provincial Tumor Hospital Osteomalacia

Reservation success number58

Good at: bone tumor Soft tissue tumor Malignant tumor bone ...

Monday, Friday, Friday, next

Left Shu-wave Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Jilin Provincial Cancer Hospital Oncology

Reservation success number35

Good at: Malignant lymphoma, lung cancer, advanced cancer and ...

On Tuesday, Wednesday next Thursday

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Tang Jianbo Chief Physician, Professor

Huzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital Children's ophthalmology

Reservation success number69

Good: pediatric eye disease diagnosis and treatment, strabismus amblyopia ...

Monday, Friday, Friday, Friday

Liu Ruen Chief Physician, Professor

Peking University People's Hospital neurosurgery

Reservation success number177

Good at: good at microsurgical techniques of clinical application ...

On Tuesday, next Thursday

Zhao Jun Chief Physician, Professor

306 Hospital neurosurgery

Reservation success number54

Good at: good at epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm ...

On Monday, next Thursday

Liu Yuhang Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Dalian Children's Hospital Thoracic surgery

Reservation success number47

Good at: All pre-emptive thoracotomy, interventional surgery and Wai ...

On Friday

Wang Xinzhi Chief Physician, Professor

Hunan Province, with a Chinese medicine Rheumatology

Reservation success number126

Good at: gout, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spine ...

Tuesday, Tuesday, next Friday, Friday

Zhang Er Kang Chief physician associate professor

Huaian fourth people Infectious Diseases

Reservation success numbertwenty three

Good: acute, chronic hepatitis, active cirrhosis, liver ...

Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

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Wang Xinguo Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Anhui Province Chinese and Western Medicine Anorectal

Reservation success number1

Good: Anorectal various diseases, hemorrhoids, severe hemorrhoids (...

On Tuesday, Friday

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Deng Xuan 赓 Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Sichuan Provincial Orthopedic Hospital Orthopedic spine

Reservation success number194

Good: all types of cervical (cervical spondylosis, atlantoaxial instability off ...

Wednesday, Wednesday

Tang Wenhao Chief Physician, Professor

Southeast University affiliated General surgery

Reservation success number36

Good at: abdominal hernia (ie: "intestinal gas"), thyroid ...

On Friday

Ye Zhizhong Chief Physician, Professor

Shenzhen Futian people Rheumatology

Reservation success number166

Good at: lupus, difficult rheumatism

Tuesday, Tuesday, last Wednesday

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Li Jing Deputy Chief Physician

Chest Hospital of Henan Province Cardiology

Reservation success numbertwenty four

Good: coronary heart disease, hypertension, arrhythmia, rheumatism ...

Monday, Wednesday, next Wednesday

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Yin Wei Chief physician associate professor

Shenzhen Peking University Hospital neurosurgery

Reservation success number107

Good at: the treatment of cerebrovascular disease, such as cerebral aneurysm, brain ...

Tuesday, Tuesday

Qin Liming Chief physician associate professor

Xianyang Central Hospital cardiology

Reservation success number39

Good: Cardiology common high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, flap ...

Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

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Liang Hong Deputy Chief Physician Associate Professor

Zhongshan University attached to the first Nuclear Medicine

Reservation success number267

Good at: hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), hypothyroidism ...

On Wednesday

Wang wave Chief physician

Peking University People's Hospital Spine Surgery

Reservation success number315

Good at: patients younger than 65 years of age, cervical spondylosis, lumbar ...

Monday, Wednesday last Thursday

Dong Huaying Attending physician lecturer

Hainan Provincial People's Hospital Breast Surgery

Reservation success number63

Good at: breast hyperplasia, mastitis, breast cysts, ...

Wednesday, Friday

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Han Yan Chief Physician, Professor

Beijing 301 Hospital Plastic surgery department

Reservation success number164

Good: a variety of post-traumatic deformities, tissue defects, external bone ...

Monday, Friday

Wu Jin Chief Physician, Professor

Harbin Medical University Oncology

Reservation success number162

Good at: bone tumor, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, ...

On Monday, Tuesday last Wednesday

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