Telephone doctor FAQ

1. What can the telephone doctor business provide for me?

Absolute privacy: Your profile information is only available to experts to review details to ensure that your personal privacy is not affected.

More convenient: you can enjoy the communication of authoritative experts without leaving home.

More relaxed: in your own hidden space, without anyone's interruption, easily communicate with the experts and avoid embarrassment.

The real expert: doctors seeking medical advice online are all regular doctors in public hospitals in China, not social workers.

Save you money, registration fees, waiting time, and other unnecessary troubles. Provide more affordable convenience for off-site patients

2. How to choose the doctor you want to make an appointment?

Choose the doctor you want to call(Click to view the list of experts)

Click "Book Now" → Fill in the condition information → Submit the order

Pay your order (Alipay secured transactions to ensure your money is safe)

After the payment is successful, the expert channel staff will help you confirm the expert's answering time as soon as possible. Please keep the phone open, wait for the staff to determine the call time, and help you complete the call with the expert within the agreed time.

Note: If you have other questions, you can contact the expert channel customer service QQ: 2355510173; telephone: 4000166270 for more information. Working hours (9:00-18:00)

3. How do I describe my condition when I am an expert?

In the order, you need to fill in the information about the disease, the description of the condition, the picture of the condition, etc.:

The disease is the name of your illness. If you know more about your condition, please fill in the medical term directly.

Description of the condition, in addition to filling in the illness and recent medication, you can also fill in some medical experience and diagnosis results, laboratory reports, etc.

The picture of the condition, it is recommended that you upload the test results such as test sheets and films first, and can intuitively feedback the graphic data of your current condition.

How to upload a CT/X-ray: Place the film in a glass window during the day (you can put a blank sheet of paper behind the photo) or adjust the background of the computer to the brightest. Do not use the flash when taking pictures. Don't shake your hands when taking pictures. After taking a good photo, you can check the camera or computer to see if the small characters around you are clear.

4. Preparation before talking to the expert

Before talking to the expert, the customer service will first contact you to confirm the specific time of the call, the approximate process of the telephone doctor's business, the precautions during the call, etc.

Prepare the case data in advance, and clearly describe the condition when submitting the order so that the expert can fully understand the condition before the call.

Think about the most critical and urgent issues you need to face, list them, and order them.

Paper and pens can be prepared next to the consultation process for temporary use.

5. Can I refund after I pay the order?

You are entitled to apply for a full refund at any time before you can complete the call with your doctor. We will not charge any fees and the funds will be returned to your designated bank account.

If you have already made a formal call with your doctor, you will not receive a refund. If you have any special circumstances, please contact customer service.

The refund will be processed within 3 working days after receiving the application. Please do not worry.

6. Pay the money, when can I talk to the doctor?

First, after the order is successfully paid, the customer service staff will first check the consultation time you selected in the order, and contact the expert to confirm whether the time is convenient for the call.

If the expert agrees to the time, the customer service staff will contact you again to inform you of the final confirmed call time and some precautions.

If the expert disagrees with the time, the customer service staff will help you confirm other time that can be consulted, and finally confirm the appropriate talk time with you.

Note: More than 90% of orders can be made based on the selected time.

7. What should I do if I suddenly interrupt when I communicate with the experts?

When the call is interrupted unexpectedly (not including the consultant hanging up), please call customer service number: 4009-700-120 (Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00), the customer service will be reconnected after confirmation with the doctor. Your call with your doctor.

For example, if you purchase a 30-minute consultation and the communication is interrupted after 20 minutes, you can call: 4009-700-120 (Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00) to inform the customer service, we will reconnect the rest for you. 10 minutes.

Note that it is normal if it is interrupted after the duration of the purchased call.

8. Is the telephone doctor's charge too expensive?

Go to the hospital to see the cost of a doctor's clinic:

Transportation fee + lost time fee + registration fee + consulting fee + accommodation fee (foreign patient) + transportation fee (foreign patient)

It may cost you a lot of time, and it will take only 15 or 20 minutes of interviews.

You can compare these costs with the cost of a telephone doctor, but the telephone doctor is an affordable business that saves you time and money. You can choose experts and doctors you trust at home.

9. Is the doctor answering the phone?

After more than 10 years of operation, the experts who cooperate with us to seek medical advice and drug network are regular doctors in public hospitals in China. It is necessary to go through the examination of multiple medical qualifications to open the telephone doctor's business. This is also to ensure the most basic benefits for patients. , to ensure that 100% of the experts answered themselves.

10. Can I make an appointment?
There are no links between the “reservation registration” and the “telephone doctor” of the medical consultation network. The experts may only open the telephone doctor business but do not support the extra appointment registration. If you need to go to the hospital to communicate with the experts in detail, We can find the customer service network to help you contact the experts to make an appointment, but it is not 100% guaranteed to be successful.
11. During the call, the experts mentioned some medicines and treatments. Can I buy them directly?
The telephone doctor can't prescribe medicine for you. The experts provide you with analysis, explanation and suggestions for the disease. All the actual medical treatment and prescribing behaviors must be discussed in detail with the experts in the hospital. You can only treat them in the hospital. In order to get the maximum security, please do not try your medicine at home.