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Wang Lixin

Chief Physician, Professor

Beiyi Sanyuan

General surgery

Good at: biliary disease, laparoscopy, endoscopy, ERCP.
Introduction: Wang Lixin, male, chief physician, master of medicine, biliary surgery, postgraduate tutor, skilled in all kinds of complex biliary tumor surgery, including pancreatoduodenectomy, laparoscopic radical gallbladder surgery, hepatectomy, and hilar Biliary carcinoma radical surgery, skilled re-operation techniques for biliary tract diseases, such as treatment of intrahepatic bile duct residual and recurrent stones, bile duct injury and postoperative bile duct stenosis, etc., skilled in laparoscopy, choledochoscopy, and duodenoscopy ( ERCP) technology. Good at biliary diseases, laparoscopy, endoscopy, hydraulic CT. Academic part-time job: Member of the Chinese Medical Association and Beijing Expert Medical Accident Identification Database; member of the Beijing Municipal Labor Accreditation Committee Medical Health Expert Database; Specialist Editor of the Chinese Journal of Clinical Medicine and Journal of China Medical University, Work Experience: 1990, 8-1995, 5: Department of Surgical Residents, Beijing Normal University Hospital; 1995, 6-2000, 6: Department of Surgical Attending Physicians, Beijing Medical Third Hospital; 2000, 7-2006, 6: Department of Surgery, Associate Chief Physician, Beijing Third Hospital; 2006, 6 -To date: Chief Physician, Department of Surgery, North Hospital Third Hospital. He is the author of "Gastrointestinal Oncology", "Modern Medical Diagnosis and Treatment", "Basic-level Physician's Manual", and "Universal Laparoscopic Surgery." Published a total of more than 80 papers (the following representative papers): 1, gallbladder stones patients with gallbladder cancer relative risk study. Chinese Journal of Digestion;2. Establishment and testing of a predictive model for acute mechanical strangulated intestinal obstruction. 3. Journal of Beijing Medical University; 3. Plasma shock wave lithotripsy for the treatment of biliary tract difficulties

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The following illness patients can be reserved in the expert network Wang Lixin expert clinic: Diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant biliary diseases, laparoscopy, endoscopy
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Providing counseling and counseling for biliary tract diseases can not replace outpatient clinics because they do not see patients and are inspected. I hope to provide detailed medical history and examination information in order to better understand the condition and provide reference for everyone. The consultation provided does not assume any legal responsibility. Please consult relevant experts for other diseases and pediatric surgery.

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Scope of consultation: Various biliary tract diseases; age 16 years or older; wish to upload detailed clinical data and examination results.

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