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Zhao Jinxi

Chief Physician, Professor

Dongzhimen Hospital

Nephropathy endocrinology

Good at: Diabetes and its complications, nephritis proteinuria, hematuria, chronic renal failure, uremia, menopausal women, pelvic congestion syndrome, adolescent hyperactivity, enuresis.
Introduction: Zhao Jinxi, male, doctor, chief physician, professor, doctoral tutor. Good at treating diabetes, kidney disease, medical intractable diseases, children hyperactivity disorder, tics-proverb syndrome. He is currently working in the Department of Endocrinology of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the leader of the endocrinology key discipline of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the chief researcher of diabetic nephropathy. He is concurrently the vice president and secretary general of the Diabetes Professional Committee of the Federation of World Chinese Medicine Societies, the vice chairman of the Diabetes Branch of the Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, and the deputy chairman of the Diabetes Special Committee of the Beijing Association of Chinese Medicine. He is a member of the Endocrinologists Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and a member of the Endocrine Professional Committee of the Beijing Medical Association. He was the winner of the Young Teacher Award of the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation, the National Outstanding Science and Technology Workers, and the National Outstanding Clinical Talents Project Excellence Award. He was also a distinguished young Chinese medicine practitioner in the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association and a winner of the High School Award for Traumatology. He has long been engaged in the research of traditional Chinese medicine for diabetes mellitus and its complications, prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and protection of kidney function by traditional Chinese medicine. He has presided over the national “15th Five-Year Plan” scientific and technological breakthroughs and “Eleventh Five-Year” scientific and technological support major projects of diabetic nephropathy, and the results won the National Science and Technology Award. 1 item, 1st Prize for Science and Technology in Universities in China, 1 First Prize for Science and Technology of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2nd Prize, 1st Scholarship Award, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize and 1st Prize for Excellence, Popular Science 1 first-class award, 1 Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 third prize, 1 Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award, and more than 90 papers published. He is the author of "Diagnosis of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases by Chinese and Western Medicine".

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The following illness patients can be reserved in the expert network Zhao Jinxi expert clinic: Diabetes mellitus and its complications, nephritis, renal failure, uremia, endocrinopathy, rheumatism complicated diseases.
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Life is a sea that is not calm, it is inevitable that winds and waves will turn; we are willing to send a patient to a healthier boat for a boat.

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Scope of consultation: Diabetes and its complications, nephritis, renal failure, endocrinopathy, rheumatism, difficult diseases.

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