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Chief Physician, Professor

Beijing Fuwai Hospital


Good at: coronary heart disease, interventional therapy.
Brief introduction: You Shijie, male, professor, chief physician, medical doctor, is currently a member of the Chinese Medical Association Association of Chinese and Western Medicine, executive director of the World Association of Chinese Medicine, member of the Beijing branch of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, "Chinese and Western medicine combined with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases" The editorial board of the magazine, the editorial board of the Chinese Journal of Clinical Physicians, the member of the Chinese Medical Association, and the reviewer of the China Circulation Journal. Good at coronary heart disease, interventional therapy.     In 1985, he graduated from the medical department of the medical school. Since 1988, he has been working in the internal medicine of Fuwai Hospital. He is currently the chief physician of the coronary heart disease clinic. Twenty-three wards and director of the ICU ward in the North Building. He has 27 years of clinical experience and has extensive clinical diagnosis, treatment and rescue experience. He is mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease and the rescue of serious complications. He is good at the diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of curative effect and microvascular function of coronary heart disease by ultrasound Doppler cardiography, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of coronary intervention. He has seen nearly 4,000 people who have completed interventional treatment independently. And for the successful treatment of more than 200 hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy chemical ablation.     He has participated in more than 20 national-level projects. He has won 6 national and Beijing medical awards. He has published 126 papers and participated in the preparation of relevant chapters of 8 medical books.

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Diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease and ablation of hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

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Consultation: coronary heart disease, interventional therapy.

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