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Tian Shizheng

Chief Physician Associate Professor

Shiyan City People's Hospital

Burn Plastic Surgery

Good at: scar plastic surgery, especially with the skin expansion technique to repair a wide range of scars; chronic wound repair: the use of advanced wound treatment technology and flap grafting technology for the treatment of a variety of complex refractory wounds; plastic surgery techniques: such as liposuction, weight loss, Miniature breasts, bags under the eyes, plastic parts, etc.; Treatment of critical burns; Rehabilitation of burns.
Introduction: Tian Shizheng, male, chief physician, associate professor, director of plastic surgery and burn department, master tutor, member of Hubei Orthopaedic Society, member of Hubei Burn Association. She has worked in plastic surgery and burns for 20 years, and has studied at the Burn and Plastic Surgery Department of Hubei Third Hospital (Hubei Burn Therapy Center) and Xijing Hospital Affiliated to the Fourth Military Medical University. She has accumulated rich clinical experience in the fields of plastic surgery and burns.

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Scope of consultation: Scar molding; Hemangioma of infants and young children; Chronic refractory wounds; plastic shaping of private parts; minimally invasive stench treatment; liposuction to lose weight; pouch reconstruction; burn treatment.

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