Expert network to provide the appointment registered as a free service, you only need to take the hospital hospital registration fees required;
After submitting an appointment, the expert will confirm whether or not to make an appointment based on whether your condition meets the booking requirements;
After the appointment is successful only to ensure that you can see the clinic, to the hospital according to the normal order of treatment.
Fang Yannan expert booking requirements
Disease Scope: Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of neurological diseases, especially for cerebrovascular diseases, various head and neck pain, all kinds of encephalitis demyelinating disease, pediatric tic disorder, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord disease, nerve root neuritis, depression and dementia The diagnosis and treatment of the disease has a wealth of clinical experience, especially in the brain and spinal cord associated with abnormal imaging difficult to distinguish the diagnosis of deep skill.      所患疾病不符,改约其他专家 >
Patient area restrictions: Not limited to
Patient treatment requirements: Referral patients and new patients can make an appointment
Choose to make an appointment clinic time
  • The remaining number of 5, the current number of queuing 0 people
  • The remaining number of 5, the current number of queuing 0 people
  • 2017-11-13 Monday afternoon Special needs outpatient service Can not be booked; will be 2017 - 10-25 at 0:00 open appointment

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