Bai Xiaoxia
Top three hospital expert certification Has helped: 710 patients
Bai Xiaoxia Deputy Chief PhysicianZhejiang Women's Hospital obstetrics
service fee:
¥ ¥150 yuan / 10 minutes ¥ ¥225 yuan/15 minutes ¥ ¥300 yuan/20 minutes

More than 90% of patients completed the call within 9 minutes.

Good at:Skilled in pregnancy system health care, health education, nutrition instruction and weight management, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy complications, diagnosis and treatment of fetal abnormalities. He has extensive experience in the diagnosis of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy, and especially the diagnosis and treatment of various liver diseases in pregnancy. He is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of dystocia, the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology critical illness, and all kinds of difficult critical surgery in obstetrics.

Introduction:Bai Xiaoxia, female, deputy chief physician. He graduated from the School of Medicine of Shandong University, MD, and a member of the Chinese Medical Association. She has been engaged in the clinical, teaching and scientific research of obstetrics and gynecology for 20 years and has accumulated rich experience. Can regulate and treat various types of obstetrics and gynecology common diseases, and have rich experience in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of common diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. He has presided over and participated in many research projects at the national and provincial levels. He has published more than 30 papers in domestic and foreign medical journals and has been repeatedly named as an advanced worker.

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