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More than 90% of patients complete the call within 9 minutes.

Good at:(1) Surgical resection of liver cancer, (2) Surgical treatment of liver metastases of colon cancer, (3) resection of hepatic hemangiomas, (4) radical surgery of malignant tumors of the biliary tract, (5) surgery of complicated extrahepatic bile duct stones Treatment, (6) surgical treatment of portal hypertension, (6) surgical resection of pancreatic tumors.

Introduction:Zheng Yaxin, male, chief physician. Doctor of Surgery, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University (1994), Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Surgery, Harvard University (2000), Surgeon, Department of Surgery, Essen University Hospital (2003), Chief Physician, Shanghai Oriental Hospital (2005), American Society of Clinical Oncology Member; American Society of Oncology surgical membership. He graduated from the Liver Cancer Institute of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in 1994 and received his MD degree. After graduating from Huadong Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Ren Huadong Hospital, deputy director of general surgery physicians, hepatobiliary surgery group chief physician. He went to the United States in August 1999 to study as a senior clinical visiting scholar at the Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital oncology surgery. Since May 2000, he has conducted postdoctoral research at the Department of Surgery at Harvard Medical School Brigham and Women Hospital. He finished his studies in early 2003 and was appointed as a clinical registered physician by General Surgery Department of Essen University Hospital in Germany. He was engaged in hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation, combined pancreas and kidney transplantation and returned to China in 2004. He is currently the chief physician of General Surgery, Dongfang Hospital, Shanghai Tongji University, and director of liver surgery at Dongfang Hospital, Tongji University. Dr. Zheng Yaxin is one of the earliest clinical doctors in liver surgery and published more than 20 articles. Engaged in surgical clinical work for more than 25 years, in general surgery, especially the diagnosis of liver space-occupying lesions, differential diagnosis, surgical resection of liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, hilar cholangiocarcinoma, retroperitoneal tumor resection, intrahepatic bile duct stones, complex Biliary surgery has accumulated a wealth of experience.

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