Liu Yuhang
Top three hospital expert certification Has helped: 35585 patients
Liu Yuhang Deputy Chief PhysicianAssociate ProfessorDalian Children 's Hospital Thoracic surgery
service fee:
¥150 yuan / 10 minutes

More than 90% of patients completed the call within 9 minutes.

Good at:All types of congenital heart disease diagnosis, surgery and postoperative care. Especially infants and young children with minimally invasive surgery.

Introduction:Liu Yuhang, male, deputy chief physician, graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University. Chunmiao children's relief fund and other institutions dedicated congenital heart disease diagnosis and treatment experts. Following the famous heart surgery expert Professor Cai Zhenjie for many years, has to the United States Philadelphia Children's Hospital, the United States Portland Children's Hospital to learn. Commitment to the national research project 2, published more than 30 academic papers, including SCI included 1, participated in the publication of two books, won the military medical results second prize 1, the military medical achievement three prize 1. The surgeon to complete all kinds of cardiac surgery more than 1,000 cases, of which the minimum weight of 600g, the weight of the domestic heart surgery for the smallest weight record. In the country to take the lead in the development of congenital heart disease minimally invasive, mosaic surgery to complete the transthoracic incision non-off-pump ventricular septal absence, ventricular septal closure surgery nearly 300 cases (minimum age 4 months, the minimum weight 3Kg), pulmonary atresia balloon dilatation in 5 cases (Minimum age 19 days, minimum weight 2.9Kg). Eight patients were treated with heart transplant, and 6 cases were isolated from cardiac donor. Good at all types of congenital heart disease diagnosis, surgery and postoperative care. Especially good at congenital heart surgery minimally invasive surgery.

Is the telephone doctor's charge too expensive?

Go to the hospital to see the cost of a doctor outpatient service: transportation costs + working costs + registration fee + consultation fee + accommodation (foreign patients) + transportation (foreign patients)

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Telephone counseling services to all the doctors through the top three hospital certification, titles for more than mid-level, operational capacity in the field of professional authority.

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