Zhao Quanjun
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Zhao Quanjun Chief physicianprofessor306 Hospital neurosurgery
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¥ ¥200 yuan / 10 minutes ¥ ¥300 yuan/15 minutes ¥ ¥400 yuan/20 minutes

More than 90% of patients completed the call within 9 minutes.

Good at:1 Surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy; 2 Stereotactic surgery for diagnosis and treatment of deep brain lesions and functional brain diseases; 3 Robot-assisted frameless localization of brain surgery research and clinical application.

Introduction:Zhao Quanjun, male, chief physician, born in 1964, Ph.D., graduate student tutor, government special allowance recipient, in addition to proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of conventional neurosurgical diseases, surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy, stereotactic surgery, and robot assistance There is expertise in frameless positioning brain surgery. He is a member of the All Armed Forces Trauma Committee; a member of the China Anti-Epilation Association; a member of the Beijing Anti-Epilation Association. The current 306 Hospital of Neurosurgery Chief Physician. Technical level 5, civilian level 3. In 1995, he was sent to neurosurgery at the Vienna General Hospital of the University of Vienna, Austria, and received a training certificate in microneurosurgery from the University of Vienna. From the end of 2012 to the beginning of 2013, he took the leading talents of the hospital to study at the Cleveland Hospital Epilepsy Center and Mayo Hospital Neurosurgery, and returned home to start new businesses and technologies. He has published more than 100 papers and 6 SCI papers. Among them, more than 30 articles were published by the first or correspondent author, including more than 20 core journals and 2 SCI papers. At present, there are 2 research projects under the first completion, with a total cost of more than 700,000 yuan. A total of 10 national and provincial-level awards for science and technology: 2 of the 2nd National Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, 2 of the Second Prize for Military Scientific and Technological Progress, 2nd Prize of Military Medical Achievements, and 1st Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of China's Ministry of Machinery Industry Item; China Medical Third Prize; 3rd Prize for Military Science and Technology Progress. Professional and technical expertise: 1 Surgical treatment of refractory epilepsy: The earliest study of the epileptogenic focus of SPECT, and the first animal surgery and surgical methods in China for the treatment of refractory functional epilepsy. . Perform various epilepsy surgeries, anterior corpus callosum surgery, epileptogenic foci resection, anterior temporal lobe plus hippocampus amygdala resection, selective hippocampal amygdala, and combination of various surgical methods and various types of complex epilepsy Surgical treatment etc. The series of research results concerning epilepsy have won the second prize of the third prize for military scientific and technological progress; the second prize for military medical achievements; and the second prize for national scientific and technological progress. In recent years, stereotactic brain deep electrodes have been used to guide brain nuclei destruction in the treatment of intractable epilepsy, and neuropsychological analysis before and after surgery has been performed. Preliminary results have been obtained, and the Capital Special Medical Fund project has been successfully applied. Surgical treatment of epilepsy, including the simultaneous stereotactic double medial temporal lobe destruction and bilateral hippocampal transverse resection, and the development of the hippocampal cross-knife series surgical instruments, won a national patent. 2 Stereotactic surgery for diagnosis and treatment of deep brain lesions and brain functional diseases: A deep brain lesion biopsy and internal radiation therapy were performed, which created a surgical method for percutaneous drilling of stereotactic brain crush lesions for Parkinson's disease, and increased surgery. The curative effect reduces operative complications. In addition, stereotactic treatment of other extrapyramidal diseases and psychoses and nerve cell transplantation for functional brain diseases have been carried out. Its related achievements won the third prize for military science and technology progress and the second prize for medical achievements. 3 Robot-assisted frameless positioning Brain surgery research and clinical application: As the main accomplished person, participated in the development and clinical application of the medical surgical robot system. At present, more than 2000 cases have been performed, and nearly 1,000 cases have been performed by the main knife or the first assistant. The achievements have passed the technical appraisal of national experts and are included in the national 863 project. Currently, five generations of medical surgical robots have been successfully developed. Their series of achievements have won the second prize of the military science and technology progress, and the third prize of the Chinese medicine, China. 1st prize for scientific and technological progress in machinery industry; 2nd prize for national science and technology progress. A number of national patents.

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