Zhang Ge
Top three hospital expert certification Has been helpful: 17,9918 patients
Zhang Ge Deputy Chief PhysicianAssociate ProfessorChengdu Second People 's Hospital Chinese medicine department
service fee:
¥200 yuan / 10 minutes

More than 90% of patients completed the call within 9 minutes.

Good at:Acupuncture and moxibustion, yellow send massage, fire needle, buried wire, press the needle, yellow to send children massage, rehabilitation training, homework, three paste, three Fu paste treatment, fire dragon moxibustion treatment. Mainly for cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, stroke sequelae (cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage surgery), peripheral facial paralysis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, lack of milk, insomnia, menopausal syndrome, tinnitus, sudden deafness, herpes zoster Neuralgia, youthful acne, all kinds of acute and chronic soft tissue contusion and sports trauma, postoperative sequelae of fracture rehabilitation. Original yellow children massage treatment of pediatric diarrhea, children plot food, children crying, children with torticollis, pediatric cold, pediatric cough and other treatment. Press the needle combined with fire dragon moxibustion health for sub-health groups, buried line weight loss and other treatment.

Introduction:Zhang Ge, male, deputy chief physician, associate professor, director of Chengdu Second People's Hospital acupuncture and massage, Sichuan Provincial Geriatrics Association, executive director of Sichuan Province Acupuncture Society executive committee, Chengdu Institute of acupuncture and moxibustion, member of Chinese Medical Association The From the famous Chengdu famous doctors Liu Huiyuan, for the yellow faction (Mr. Huang Wanxiang) naive massage genre, was really true, and then follow a hospital in Chengdu, a famous acupuncturist Liao Binfu study acupuncture, and apprentice Chengdu Chinese medicine school Chengdu famous fire needle Wang Changlai teacher. Medical treatment for more than 20 years, good at cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, stroke sequelae, peripheral facial paralysis, herpes zoster, sports trauma, postoperative sequelae, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, lack of milk and other diseases, The majority of patients welcome praise, many times in the press, the hospital publicity praise.

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