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Good at:Hip and knee arthroplasty infection, loosening and other revision surgery; femoral head necrosis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis late hip and knee stiffness, advanced congenital hip dysplasia, advanced rheumatoid arthritis, related bone and joint Sick and so on. Artificial hip replacement, artificial knee replacement, artificial hip revision, artificial knee revision surgery.

Introduction:Chen Jianying, male, chief physician, professor, doctoral tutor, 301 Hospital Orthopedic Hospital, vice president, director of joint surgery, joint surgery "academic leaders"; attending diseases: osteonecrosis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis Advanced hip and knee joint stiffness, advanced congenital hip dysplasia, advanced rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee joint replacement infection, loose and other related bone and joint disease. Good at surgery: artificial hip replacement, artificial knee replacement, artificial hip revision, artificial knee revision surgery. Academic positions: Chinese Medical Association, vice chairman of the Joint Working Committee of the knee joint Society of China, vice chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Orthopedic Association, vice chairman of the joint group; the orthopedic branch of the joint arthrosis group vice chairman; Beijing Orthopedic Association joint Deputy head of the academic group; APAS Standing Committee, independent consultant ethics committee of the PLA General Hospital; member of the Expert Group of the International Medical Center of PLA General Hospital; Standing Committee member of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine bone and joint and rheumatoid arthritis; Cross-Strait Association of Medical and Health Exchanges Committee of orthopedic experts; Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation project evaluation experts; China Association of the elderly spine joint; Standing Committee of China Medical Biotechnology Association Institute of nano-medicine; Chinese orthopedic Association executive director. As chief of orthopedics department of orthopedics hospital, he is mainly engaged in the field of joint surgery. He has accumulated rich experiences in the field of joint replacement, joint orthopedics and minimally invasive treatment of joint diseases. Especially in advanced rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, suppurative arthritis or hip and knee joint sequelae and other difficult joint replacement with deep attainments. For these complex cases, attention to preoperative careful preparation, according to the characteristics of the patient's condition to develop personalized treatment programs; to develop a variety of surgical programs, preparation of a variety of surgical instruments to prepare for use in surgery; surgery to treat each one seriously Steps, not miss every detail, with an extremely responsible attitude to treat each case of surgery; surgery after the patient's management and rehabilitation, good start and end. Chief Editor of Joint Reconstruction, Chinese Journal of Orthopedic Surgery; Associate Editor, Chinese Edition, Journalofarthroplasty; Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Orthopedic Surgery (Electronic Edition); Reviewer for NRR Magazine; Chinese Journal of Orthopedic Surgery (Electronic version) guest reviewers; Chinese medical frontier magazine (electronic version) Editorial Committee reviewer; PLA Journal of Health Medicine editorial board, China Medical Journal special reviewers and other experts. As the main translator and deputy translator finished the orthopedic masterpiece "Campbell orthopedic surgery" translation, to improve the level of orthopedic our country made its own contribution, completed in recent years, translated several articles. At present, one of the doctors who completed the most cases of joint replacement surgery in China was one. In practice, pay attention to summarize more than 60 papers published, of which more than 15 SCI articles; 5 patents; completed 2 National Natural Science Foundation, a special health, 863 science and technology 2; as editor, associate editor of translation 12 Ministry, an English textbook. In December 2012, he was awarded the title of "One Hundred Famous Doctors" of PLA General Hospital; "Outstanding Teacher", "Advanced Individual" and "Outstanding Grassroots Cadres" in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

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