Xie Yangchun
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Xie Yangchun Chief physicianprofessorChinese Academy of Medical Sciences Plastic Surgery Hospital Ear Plastic Rebuilding Center
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More than 90% of patients completed the call within 9 minutes.

Good at:Auricular malformation correction (prone ears, cup ears, hidden ear) Earlobe fissure and congenital absence of ear reconstruction; a variety of body surface tumors, various organ reconstruction, burns or post-traumatic deformities and scar repair plastic breast plastic surgery; congenital and more Refers to deformity and refers to deformity.

Introduction:Xie Yangchun, Male, Department of Plastic Surgery (External Ear Plastic Rebuilding Center, Second Division) Chief Physician, Professor, Master's Tutor, Editorial Board Member of China Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Magazine, Member of Shaping Subcommittee, Plastic Surgery Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Member of China Plastic Surgery Association, China Beauty Association Members, engaged in orthopaedic surgery for nearly 20 years, in 2008 by the director of doctor qualifications, in the professional adhere to the three major concepts, superb technology, modern fashion beauty concepts, beauty personalized. It is the first in the country to perform endoscopic surgery, mainly facial rejuvenation surgery, cosmetic surgery emphasizes overall design, fine operation, mainly weight loss, eye bags, various eyelid deformities correction (upper eyelid ptosis, inverted eyelashes, congenital eyelids Defects, large internal and external eyes.) A variety of nasal cosmetic plastic surgery (rhinoplasty, narrowed nose, narrowed nose, hump nose correction, correction of nasal bone fracture, wide nose correction) repair of various nose defects. The mouth is open, the thick lip is thin, and the jaw is long. Facial contour correction (Feng temple, cheek) Facial liposuction. Small incision stench cure. Auricular malformation correction (prone ear cup ears ear) earlobe fissure and congenital earless reconstruction. Various body surface tumors. Reproduction of various organs. Burns or post-traumatic malformations and scar repair. Breast surgery (breast sagging correction, breast papillary areola reshaping) fat suction in various parts. Correction of calf muscle hypertrophy, congenital multi-finger deformity, and malformation, masseter muscle hypertrophy correction. Male and female genital plastic surgery (penis enlargement circumcision circumcision vulva plastic hymen repair vaginal tightening, etc.).     Many doctors at the same level since 1997

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