Xie Yangchun
Top three hospital expert certification Has helped: 38298 patients
Xie Yangchun Chief physicianprofessorChinese Academy of Medical Sciences Plastic Surgery Hospital Ear reshaping center
service fee:
¥300 yuan / 10 minutes ¥450 yuan / 15 minutes ¥600 yuan / 20 minutes

More than 90% of patients complete the call in 9 minutes.

Good at:Auricular deformity correction (wind ear, cup ear, hidden ear) ear lobes and congenital earless reconstruction; various body surface tumors, various organ reconstruction, burn or post-traumatic deformity and scar repair plastic surgery; congenital Refers to deformity and refers to deformity.

Introduction:Xie Yangchun, male, Department of Plastic Surgery (Department of External Ear Plastic Reconstruction Center), Chief Physician, Professor, Master Instructor, Editorial Board of China Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Member of the Chinese Medical Association Plastic Section Scar Section, Member of China Plastic Association, China Beauty Association Member, engaged in plastic surgery for nearly 20 years, in 2008 was qualified as a doctor, adhere to the three concepts in the profession, superb technology, modern fashion beauty concept, beauty personalized. The first endoscopic surgery in China is mainly facial rejuvenation surgery. The cosmetic surgery emphasizes the overall design and fine operation. It is mainly focused on eyelids, eye bags, and various orbital deformities (upper eyelid ptosis, varus, and congenital eyelids). Defect, the inner and outer corners of the eyes open). Various nasal cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty, nasal reduction, nasal reduction, hump nose correction, nasal bone fracture correction, wide nasal correction) various nasal defect repair. The mouth is wide open, the thick lips are thin, and the jaws are long. Facial contour correction (rich temples, cheeks) facial fat pumping. Small incision underarms. Auricular deformity correction (ear ear cup ear ear) ear lobes and congenital earless reconstruction. Various body surface tumors. Reconstruction of various organs. Malformation and scar repair after burn or trauma. Breast augmentation (breast sagging correction, breast nipple areola shaping) fat suction in various parts. Correction of calf muscle hypertrophy, congenital multi-finger malformation, and refers to deformity, masseter muscle hypertrophy correction. Male and female organ shaping (penis lengthening and thickening circumcision, cutting the labia, shaping the hymen to repair vaginal tightening, etc.).     Many doctors at the same level since 1997

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