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2017 China International Health Management Exhibition will be held in Xiamen on April 20th

  • Time: 2017-02-07

China International Health Management Exhibition

China International Health Care Fair


China·Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

April 20-24, 2017

10,000 exhibition area (m2)

参展商数目> 250

专业观众(人)> 15000


Professional leadership, win the future with health

China International Health Management Exhibition (referred to as IHC Health Exhibition), co-sponsored by Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. (state-owned enterprise) and Xiamen Municipal Health Planning Commission, and hosted by Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Jinxinxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. The exhibition will focus on three areas: smart life, home health and individual testing. It will open five major exhibition areas, namely, healthy sleeping area, home medical area, environmental purification area, health massage area, health service area, seeking emerging technology products and global buyer resources, assisting The business and the distribution link are realized, which provides a convenient and three-dimensional market construction plan for the factories and merchants of the health management industry. At the same time, we plan a number of technical exchange seminars and forums; form an industry chain circulation platform from individual to home environment, from entity to online service, from health products to smart life, which is a happy win for enterprises, markets and consumers. situation.

Personal health management market opportunities

Increased population aging,Increased health needs

By 2014, the proportion of people aged 65 and over in China exceeded 10%. The growing demand for medical and health care for the elderly population has placed higher demands on the health care industry.

The emphasis on health and the growth of consumer awareness

Consumers’ attention to “health” and “health care” has increased year by year. In the decade of 2003-2013, the per capita health care expenditure of urban households in China increased by 134.9 percentage points. According to the statistics in 2015, the post-70s group has the strongest willingness to consume, and its long-term spending mainly increases in the three major areas of entertainment, health and personal quality of life.

Government policy is positive, Internet + medical development is rapid

The introduction of a series of favorable government policies in 2015 promoted the healthy development of the market, including “Several Opinions on Advancing and Regulating Physicians' Multi-Point Practices” and “Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting “Internet+” Actions”.

Commercial insurance company admission,Optimize the health industry ecosystem

In 2015, the national level issued three major policies on personal tax incentive health insurance, to a certain extent, enlightened China's medical health service providers to explore new payment methods for employers + pharmaceutical companies + commercial insurance.

Through the "IHC Health Exhibition" supplier can

★ Market low-cost to get to know high-quality buyers, establish marketing channels, find agents or joint venture partners;

★Database obtains the most valuable market feedback information from technical and procurement representatives in various application industries;

★ Trade communicates face-to-face with buyers to directly understand the buyer's needs, strategies and procurement trends;

★Display displays and publishes its latest products, technologies and services and corporate culture;

★ Promotion learning development experience: compare with other suppliers to understand other people's business development experience

★Expose, through close cooperation with the organizer and the media, gain more media exposure during the exhibition.

★Partnership with valuable opportunities from industry bodies, organizations, investors and government officials

★Events invites industry think tanks, industry analysts, investors and media to discuss and promote industrial development.

Exhibition scope:

Healthy sleeping area:New exotic sleep products, electronic sleep products, healthy sleep systems, sleep textiles, functional mattresses, functional pillows

Environmental purification zone:Water purification products, air purification products, garbage disposal, indoor pollution detection, deodorization equipment, clean and disinfection products, humidifiers;

Health massage area:Soothing massage equipment, family health equipment, slimming health equipment, health care products, home physiotherapy products, related technologies and services;

Home medical area:Home treatment equipment, medical rehabilitation equipment, orthodontic appliances, first aid products, care products, wearable medical products, functional detectors;

Health service area:Health care institutions, health testing institutions, health lodges, APP/Big Data Cloud, health insurance, medical tourism, financial services;

1. Health Management Mode Seminar

2. Drinking Water and Health Forum

3, all one product promotion meeting

4, famous doctors clinic activities