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Incidence of breast hyperplasia increases bad mood or inducement

  • Time: 2014-02-27

In recent years, the incidence of breast hyperplasia in China has been the highest in breast diseases, patients are on the rise, and the age is getting younger and younger. Women between the ages of 20 and 30 have become a high-risk group of breast hyperplasia, and are not uncommon among teenage girls.

Recently, patients with breast hyperplasia from Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province passedSeeking medical adviceThe expert network shared her successful medical experience: I made an appointment in advance, and the online appointment process was very fast, and they also called me the day before to tell me what kind of process. I am very thoughtful. I am booking an appointment with Dr. Chen Jun. Particularly enthusiastic, in a serious and responsible attitude. I am very satisfied with this time.

Nowadays, when you go to the hospital to see a doctor, especially to a large hospital, it is difficult for many patients to share the feelings, especially the well-known experts. In fact, patients can try online appointment registration as the patients mentioned above share. In order to better serve the majority of patients, the search for medicine experts network has opened up a green channel for online treatment, and launched the "Online Consultation Appointment Plus" to increase the source of experts, and can provide online consultation and appointment registration services for the majority of patients free of charge. The patient who made the appointment successfully will go to the doctor-to-medicine expert network to receive the plus-number voucher text message one day before the doctor's visit. With the text message, he can find the expert to receive the plus number and obtain the outpatient opportunity of the appointed expert.

It is reported that breast hyperplasia has a close relationship with mood, and the mood is good. The normal ovulation of the ovary will not be blocked by bad emotions. The secretion of progesterone will not decrease, and the breast will not be hyperplasia due to the unilateral stimulation of estrogen. The hypertrophic mammary gland will gradually recover under the care of progesterone. It can be seen that changing bad mood plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of breast hyperplasia. Data show that breast cancer patients have 23 times more likely to develop breast cancer than normal women. For your beauty and health, learn to be optimistic and cheerful, adjust your mood, and try to make yourself happy.