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Depression becomes a white-collar high incidence Online consultation is more convenient

  • Time: 2014-01-06

According to a survey conducted by authoritative organizations on white-collar workers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, more than 80% of people think that they often feel unhappy; about 70% feel that they have been depressed at different times in their lives. High-intensity work rhythm, irregular life, using urban white-collar workers with concentrated brains to become a high-risk group of depression, especially at the end of busy work, let them feel unprecedented pressure, and depression will follow.

Psychologists said that white-collar and other urban people are very successful in the eyes of outsiders, but the probability of suffering from depression is relatively high. Two months ago, one of my friends working in a foreign company was suffering from high work intensity and stress. Got depression. As her friend, I am very anxious and looking for treatment everywhere. An occasional opportunity to search online for "how to alleviate depression", and the results were seen in the search results.Seeking medical adviceAn article on the Internet, "How to Alleviate Depression", so I opened the website and read the website. By the way, I also learned about this website. This casual experience made me discover that the doctor's office of the special hospital was looking for a doctor. You can consult online and make an appointment with a doctor.

I entered the doctor's office page and asked by region or department. I chose to inquire according to the department and opened the mental and psychological department. The result came out a series of related doctors. The doctors were all certified chief physicians or deputy chief physicians. The hospital, job title, expertise and introduction are very detailed. On the page, I also saw articles written by relevant doctors about mental and psychological aspects. The article mentioned how to care or recover, as well as some precautions. These contents are very good and can help patients and their families to spread disease knowledge. In addition, the online consultation entrance location of the doctor's office is very obvious. Through this online consultation function, I have a one-on-one communication with the doctor, and the doctor's symptoms are consulted and communicated with the doctor in detail. The doctor has a condition for the friend. After a comprehensive and intuitive understanding, give me a treatment plan. After that, through the doctor's office, I successfully made an appointment online for free.

This experience has given me a good understanding of online consultation, and I feel the speed and convenience of online consultation. As an office worker who works hard in the city, the work pressure is heavy and the burden of life is very heavy. Many times it is really busy until there is no time to go to the hospital for medical treatment. Online consultation is a good way to save time and effort, save time in queuing and registration. . In addition, it also avoids the embarrassment of face-to-face communication, patients can eliminate psychological concerns, and can also open their hearts to consult with doctors.