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Online consultation and consultation to ease the difficulty of people seeing a doctor

  • Time: 2013-11-21

In recent years, disputes between doctors and patients have occurred frequently, and the escalation of contradictions between doctors and patients is a social pain that has to be mentioned. On October 25, a wounding incident occurred in the First People's Hospital of Wenling City. Three doctors were injured by a man. The chief physician of the Department of Otolaryngology eventually died due to the rescue. This "Wenling Killing Case" made people's eyes look good. Once again, focus on the issue of doctor-patient relationship.

So, what is the tension between doctors and patients? It is understood that the "Wenling Killing Case" is behind the medical system. At present, there is a widespread "difficult to see a doctor" problem in domestic hospitals, which has greatly aggravated the contradiction between doctors and patients. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, many medical institutions have opened up a green channel for patients to ease the "difficulty in seeing a doctor", and the online online clinic has gradually entered people's attention. A few days ago, the average daily flow was over 10 million.Seeking medical adviceIn order to meet the needs of the majority of patients, the network launched an online doctor's office.

As long as the patient sits at home and taps the mouse to enter the doctor's office of the special hospital for seeking medical advice, he can make an online appointment, eliminating the need to queue up for registration, so that it is no longer troublesome to see a doctor. It is understood that doctors' clinics have detailed information on doctors and hospitals in many provinces and cities across the country, as well as disease articles published by doctors. Online business communication has also been opened. Through business communication, patients can be one-on-one with doctors at the director or deputy director level. Free online consultation. It is convenient for patients to find a hospital that suits their condition. In addition, the patient can also edit the post and ask questions he wants to ask. The doctor will answer the patient's questions patiently and meticulously.

Nowadays, in the information age, more and more people are getting used to online consumption, making appointments, etc. The launch of the online doctor's office conforms to the development of the times, providing patients with an equal and easy way of consultation, one-on-one communication, patients. Some of the unspeakable symptoms can be opened up to consult with a doctor, avoiding a lot of embarrassment and ensuring privacy. Through online consultation and appointment, patients can solve problems without spending money or spending a small amount of money. It also saves the time spent waiting in the hospital for waiting for a doctor and the cumbersome procedures for seeing a doctor, which brings great convenience to patients.