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Online doctors' office into doctor-patient communication "health bridge"

  • Time: 2013-10-16

In recent years, the violent conflict between doctors and patients has exploded. The relationship between doctors and patients has become more and more intense, medical disputes have continued to increase, and the doctor’s practicing environment has continued to deteriorate. Patients extortion, abuse, beating medical workers, siege hospitals, and even have medical services It is shocking to see that the tragedies of people who have been wounded, crippled, and killed .... are frequently performed throughout the country. More and more medical institutions are now trying to change the service model in order to ease the contradiction between doctors and patients and to persist in taking the patient as the center. Many medical institutions have opened up a green channel for patients.

A while ago, because the cough had not been good, I searched the Internet for "What is my medicine?" The first search result isSeek medical adviceFrom the community's reply, I clicked into the doctor's website and saw the doctor's reply. The doctor said that the cough was mostly due to inflammation in the respiratory tract. Next, I wanted to find a hospital that treats airway inflammation and entered the featured hospital page. I wanted to know more about the specific causes of my symptoms and I opened the doctor's office.

After entering the doctor's office, there are queries by area and by department. Combining with my own symptoms, I clicked on the internal medicine department which was queried by department and immediately searched out a series of related hospitals. The name of the doctor's hospital, doctor's title, department, good, and brief description were used to display the combination of graphic and text. The doctors’room opened a business communication system. The platform was very convenient. Through one-on-one online consultation with doctors, the doctors had a detailed understanding of my condition, and then put forward a suitable treatment plan for me. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the doctor's reply. Here, the patient may not need to register and ask questions for free. At that time, I submitted the symptoms and what kind of help I would like to submit. Soon the expert doctor gave a reply. Based on my symptoms, I made an analysis and put forward the treatment options. The content was very detailed.

In the doctor’s office, whether it is by area or department, online consultation, or online questioning, you don’t need to go to the hospital to get a preliminary understanding of your condition. You can also make a direct appointment after the consultation, which is very quick and convenient. Personally I feel that the one-to-one communication method of Business Communication is very good. Only the consultant and the doctor both know the content of the dialogue. The contents of the dialogue are not archived and not backed up. The confidentiality of patient information is ensured. This intimate and comprehensive all-round service platform, I was very impressed.