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Cause of glossitis

                                            Glossitis is an oral manifestation of some systemic diseases, clinically more common in anemia (including pernicious anemia and iron deficiency anemia), riboflavin deficiency, malabsorption syndrome, heart failure patients, and women's menopausal syndrome. In recent years, antibiotics have been widely...详情>

Glossitis prevention

                                        1. To maintain oral hygiene, it is necessary to use water to contain phlegm after meals. It is necessary to hold the tip of the tongue against the lingual side of the anterior jaw of the mandible, so that the back of the tongue is arched upwards, so that the sulcus can be expanded, which is conducive to the residue remaining in the stagnation. 2, during inflammation, can be used for anti-inflammatory anti-corrosion and expectorant. ...详情>

Glossitis complications

                                        Often mild irritation, local fever and swelling may also occur.详情>

Concurrent diseases: swelling

diagnosis method
Symptoms of tongue

                                        1, the glossy tongue is also called the tongue nipple atrophy, because the silky nipple atrophy makes the tongue surface red and smooth, similar to the "mirror tongue" said by Chinese medicine. 2, wrinkled tongue, also known as scrotum tongue, crack tongue, as there are many radial or irregular grooves on the back of the tongue...详情>

Common symptoms: Tongue pain Deep tongue Oral ulcer Dry mouth Tongue bleeding

Glossitis check

                                        Histopathology: excessive keratinization of the margin, central degeneration, acute infiltration of polymorphonuclear lymphocytes in the dermis, spongy microabscess in the superficial epithelium, polymorphonuclear leukocytes and chronic inflammatory cell infiltration, erythema at the erythema Disappeared, mucous epithelium shallow...详情>

Common inspections: Urine routine Urine vitamin B2 Urine vitamin B2 (VitB2

Diagnosis of tongue inflammation

                                        Diagnosis can be diagnosed based on clinical performance h laboratory tests. The differential diagnosis should be differentiated from the tongue pain syndrome. Painful red tongue: symptoms of redness and swelling of the tongue caused by systemic discomfort, such as endocrine, metabolic disorders, vitamin B deficiency, etc.详情>

Treatment programs
Glossitis treatment

                                        Tongueitis Western medicine treatment should first carefully and carefully check the tongue and the entire mouth to rule out tongue pain caused by other diseases. If you do not find a positive sign, you should patiently explain, eliminate the patient's fear, and check regularly to make the patient put down thinking...详情>

Tongue inflammation care

                                        1, light diet. Do not eat spicy and fatty foods. Can eat porridge, noodles and other digestible foods. 2, pay attention to proper rest, do not overdo it, master the combination of movement and rest, rest well, is conducive to the recovery of fatigue; exercise can enhance physical strength, enhance disease resistance...详情>

Glossitis diet health care

                                        Suitable food: 1, should eat more foods that have nourishing yin and sputum, such as: millet, wheat flour and all kinds of miscellaneous grains and beans and soy products. 2, pay more attention to diet and care. First of all, the appearance of the map tongue is related to the nutritional status, sometimes because of the survival...详情>

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Introduction to glossitis

Glossitis is a variety of diseases that occur on the tongue. The tongue is a special part of the human body. Changes in the tongue and tongue coating often reflect changes in visceral function, so it plays a very important role in the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine. In fact, the tongue itself can also have various diseases, common with the tongue...详情>

common sense

Susceptible people:No specific population

The proportion of illness:0.093%

Mode of infection:Non-infectious

Common inspections: Urine routine 更多>

Symptoms: Tongue pain Deep tongue 更多>

Concurrent diseases: swelling 更多>


Visiting department:ENT Department of Stomatology

treatment: Psychotherapy 更多>

Treatment cycle:7-14 days

Cure rate:87%

Commonly used drugs:

Treatment costs:According to different hospitals, the charging standards are inconsistent, the city's top three hospitals (1000 - 3000 yuan)

Tips:Keep your mouth clean and be sure to use sputum with water after meals.

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