Disease introduction
Disease common sense
Cause of stomatitis

                                            Western medicine believes that bacterial infectious stomatitis often uses streptococcus and staphylococcus as the main pathogens. These bacteria in the case of acute infection, long-term diarrhea and other low body resistance, if the mouth is not clean, the bacteria will multiply, resulting in acute oral cavity...详情>

Stomatitis prevention

                                        1. Introduce the patient's common sense about oral hygiene and nursing, observe daily changes in the patient's mouth feeling and taste; 2. Maintain oral hygiene, brush with soft toothbrush, use non-irritating dentifrice; 3, 30 minutes after eating With compound boric acid solution, 3...详情>

Stomatitis complications

                                        May be complicated by recurrent thrush.详情>

Concurrent diseases: thrush

diagnosis method
Oral symptoms

                                        Symptoms vary depending on the cause of stomatitis. Clinically, it is divided into catarrhal, aphthous, vesicular, cellulitis, pseudomembranous, ulcerative and papular. No matter which kind of stomatitis, the common clinical symptoms are expressed as hooliganism, food...详情>

Common symptoms: Oral mucosal leukoplakia Oral mucosal ulcer Oral pain Oral ulcer Loss of appetite

Stomatitis check

                                        Blood routine examination and oral endoscopy were performed according to clinical symptoms.详情>

Common inspections: White blood cell classification count White blood cell count (WBC)

Diagnosis and diagnosis of stomatitis

                                        First, the diagnosis of stomatitis 1. History: bacterial stomatitis often has a history of acute infection before onset; herpes stomatitis may have a history of exposure to this disease. 2. Clinical manifestations: See the above clinical manifestations. 3. Blood routine examination: bacterial stomatitis increased the total number of white blood cells; blisters...详情>

Treatment programs
Stomatitis treatment

                                        Stomatitis Western medicine treatment 1, Liushen Pills: Take one of Liushen Pills (30 tablets) crushed into powder, add 2 ml of cold water to soak into a thin paste for use. Clean the patient's mouth before use, and then apply the Liushen Pill on the ulcer surface with a slender cotton swab. Take the medicine for 1~15 minutes before the meal...详情>

Stomatitis care

                                        Professional care 1, keep the mouth clean: drink plenty of water to clean the mouth and reduce oral bacteria. You can also clean your mouth according to your doctor's advice. If you use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or 0.1% rivanol solution (including strontium) to cleanse, remove secretions and spoilage tissue, you can reduce...详情>

Stomatitis diet health care

                                        Daily health care 1, exercise, and physical fitness: Pharyngeal diseases are closely related to general health. Therefore, maintaining a strong body is one of the most basic conditions for preventing stomatitis. Usually life should be regular, work and rest, more outdoor activities, breathing new...详情>

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Introduction to stomatitis

Stomatitis refers to inflammation of the oral mucosa. If the lesion is limited to local parts such as tongue, gums, and mouth, it can also be called glossitis, gingivitis, or angular cheilitis. Infant and child's oral mucosa is tender, blood vessels are rich, salivary gland secretion is less, oral mucosa is relatively dry, is conducive to microbial reproduction, easy...详情>

common sense

Susceptible people:Infant

The proportion of illness:0.3%

Mode of infection:Non-infectious

Common inspections: White blood cell classification count 更多>

Symptoms: Oral mucosal leukoplakia Oral mucosal ulcer 更多>

Concurrent diseases: thrush 更多>