Disease introduction
Disease common sense
Causes of albinism

                                            Early researchers had many different inferences about the causes of albinism, but they were not quite right. It was not until the early twentieth century that scientists truly affirmed that albinism was caused by genetic abnormalities that control tyrosinase. A melanin production process has...详情>

Albinism prevention

                                        Daily prevention and prevention of albinism should minimize the damage of ultraviolet radiation to the eyes and skin. Albino health education 1, albino disease in addition to symptomatic treatment, there is no cure, so it should be based on prevention, that is, through genetic counseling to prohibit close relatives marriage is heavy...详情>

Albinism complications

                                        Due to the lack of melanin protection, the patient's skin is easily sunburned by ultraviolet light in the sun, and exposure to sunlight often causes skin cancer.详情>

Concurrent diseases: skin cancer

diagnosis method
Albinism symptoms

                                        Albinism The skin of the body is deficient in melanin and is milky or pink, tender and dry. The hair becomes pale or yellowish. Due to the lack of melanin protection, the patient's skin is highly sensitive to light, and it is prone to sunburn and various light-sensitive dermatitis after sun exposure...详情>